The great cultural fusion


Een kookboek dat vegetarisme als norm ziet…

Schrijfster- bezieler: Julia Javanna Meijer zu Schlochtern.

Engelstalig – 49 pages – coloured pictures

Dear reader, this cookbook is of interest for everyone who enjoys wholesome and healthy food, inspired by different cultures around our beautiful earth. It does not matter if you are already very experienced with cooking or just trying to find out how to flavour your pasta. The book contains breakfast, appetizer, main course and dessert recipes (49 pages) with clearly structured ingredient lists and fun facts about the herbs or recipes. I, Julia, devolped most of my recipes at the Center of Well-being, the Seminar center, which my mother and her partner started in Germany. Still I am orginally from the Netherlands and now am travelling together with my boyfriend in an 41-Year-old camper. Still, I promise, the recipes are not typical german nor dutch.

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A basket full of different delights is what Julia wants to achieve with this cookbook.

She made this cookbook to fulfill her dream of traveling the world with her boyfriend in a 40-year old camper Mathilda.

For further background information:

My love for cooking developed at an Ayurvedic workshop which was held due to the birthday of my dear friend Tara. The food I make is definitely influenced in that way. I did cook before, still the interest and curiosity grew ever after. This was mostly due to universal methods and the courage to try out new recipes, which I have been given on the way. That may also be the reason I am absolutely horrible in adhering to quantities. So, take this as an encouragement not to listen to my recipes to closely and to experiment and get creative yourself! The most delicious foods have been created on accident or due to shortage. After a while you will get a certain feeling for what kind of tastes harmonize.

In addition, I truly believe that food can be medicine, or that one does not need much medicine if eating whole and high-quality foods. I absolutely recommend using organic products, especially if it comes to things such as eggs and other animal products. Nevertheless, being a student, I do know that they are more costly. Therefore, I did not write this on the ingredient list, leaving the decision open to everyone.

Furthermore, starting with India, I explored the world of cooking from one cultural kitchen to the next. A lot of recipes are inspired by the Italian, Indian, Israelian and Indonesian kitchen with certain personal touch. You could not claim them typical for a certain country, as the variety in each country is huge. So, enjoy the journey, while we travel more places to gather more recipes and personal experience!


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